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Driven by network, we source fresh produce from 4000+ farmers and sell to 500+ wholesellers, across India

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Our  Field Work/Mobilization

North East , the part of India consisting of various spices in the form of Natural resources which have been explored and are yet to be explored . The scenic beauty and the cool climate in the northern parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Upper Assam, Manipur, Mizoram and other states are highly productive due to the climatic conditions. We as a team have our network based in different parts of the states as collecting points and at the same time selling points for the farmers /growers / collectors of various products from the forest directly (with due authority and permits from the departments) . Yog Organic started its journey in the year 2018 as a free lance business, then moved into core organic vegetables distribution as a full time e commerce business and then in the year 2020, we started the journey in the Spices Industry.

We are committed to our buyers for their spices requirement and timely delivery of their consignments at a competitive rate. We are committed to provide good packaging and are in tie-up with good transport service providers for our delivery and pickup needs. We are now expanding and are present in Guwahati , Tinsukia , Margherita , Junagadh (Gujrat) and Mumbai (Ghatkopar E).

We are continuously mobilizing the farmers and are into the fields for in dept connectivity with the farmers in the States.

We are also focusing on expanding our product range to provide maximum products availability for our buyers.

Few of our expertise product ranges are Stone Flower, Black pepper, Black Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Tail Pepper, Star Anise.


Black Cardamom

Stone Flower

Black Pepper


Star Anise

Bay Leaf

Tail/Mountain Pepper

Stone Flower/Dagadphool , Kalpasi , Kala Pathar

It’s a very light weight algie which grows on very old trees and also found in the rocks near fountains. In dry condition when collected it has no smell present in it . However, when put in a pan of hot oil or ghee , the flavor comes out to be very high in aroma and also it is highly used in Restauranrs, hotels and homes specisally for preparing Biriyani or non veg dishes .


Black Pepper

Black pepper is found in huge quantity in Assam From the month of January to February . It is collected in its raw states and then it is boiled at a temperate and it is then when it becomes black in colour . Thereafter it is dried up in sun and then the branches are removed manually . Thereafter when the drying process gets over , it is then given a finishing touchup with mustard or refine oil for glace and longer shelf life. The flavor is tangent and the taste is very hot .


Cinnamon Cassia comes in three forms ie Broken , Split , Cigar/Ciggarette . The ratesvary as per the requirement . The taste is very tangent and it is high in flavor . Its very light weight . The barks are collected by collected from the forest with due permits and then sun dried . Upon this process the same cinnamon is separated as per the three grades as mentioned .

Indian Bay leaf/ Tej Patta

North East being the  second most likely producer of bay leaf after nainitaal , is producing bay leaf which are high in Aroma and light green in colour . Its harvested from the month of December – February (new crop) and then stocked for selling rest of the year in dry & cool temperature .

Indian Star Anise

It is mostly harvested in the months of January- March and then stocked for selling rest of the year. Moderate Aroma and taste .

 Black Cardamom

Harvested in the months of October,November, December , January . Comes in different sizes unsorted but dry . There is a natural tail widely known as mooch present in the black cardamom, which scissor is cut to make it tailess /moochcut. Later these are hand sorted as per sizes requested by buyers.

The future of Spices Produce supply chain is Yogorganic

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Why ‘Yog Organic Foods & Spices’?

When you source good ; you feel good. But what is good when it comes to spices? It is more than just taste and texture. It’s where it comes from. It’s who grows it. It’s what goes into it. It’s who it feeds. It’s simple. It’s natural. We dream for this spice to be everywhere. We imagine a day when the tag “organic” disappears from labels, because it’s the only kind of spice available. We exist to contribute towards building that future. Organic is not a lifestyle. It’s life itself. It’s not a trend. It’s a way of life.

Our location, farmers and the produce are chosen with attention and care.


The easiest place to find simple, safe food. We make premium quality, safe food, easily accessible to all – every day.

  • Farm to Fork delivery
  • Contract Farming
  • Customer Incentives
  • Helpful Customer Service


We undertake several initiatives to meet and surpass the set standards for organic produce.

  • Uncompromising Farmer Selection
  • Quarterly Pesticide Residue Testing
  • Daily Quality Checks
  • Monthly Audits

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